The web-based CASMACAT workbench offers novel types of assistance for human translators, using advanced computer aided translation technology. It is open source and free to use.

Since the project is ongoing, the workbench is currently undergoing heavy development. But already a beta version of the workbench is available with broad capabilities.


The CASMACAT Workbench consists of several components:

  • the web server that provides a GUI via a WWW Browser (such as Google Chrome or Firefox)
  • a CAT server to provide advanced computer aided translation services
  • a machine translation engine that provides basic translation services (currently supporting Moses and Thot)

The workbench is modular, so that you may swap any of these components against your own, or connect to external services.


If you wish to try a demo first, please fill in the following form. A link with a demo will be sent soon to the e-mail address you provide. Note that this demo has been optimized for Firefox and Chrome. Other browsers might not be supported.


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Casmacat Installation

Installation of Home Edition

To install CASMACAT on a virtual machine on your home computer, please follow the guide to the CASMACAT Home Edition.

Manual Installation

To install the CASMACAT Workbench, please go through the following steps

  1. Set up a Linux Workstation
  2. Install the CASMACAT web server
  3. Set up CAT Server

CAT Server API

The details of the API implemented by the CasMaCat server can be found here.

Translator Guide

Here, we are assuming that the Casmacat Workbench has already been installed and is working properly.

To translate a document using the Casmacat Workbench, first you need to upload a document. Then, you can read the User Interface guide to learn what the features are and how they work.


If you have any problems during the installation, please consider joining the casmacat support group. You can also browse previous posts.